Example things we will cover: shooting tips and tricks, general editing, dress extension, “Wow” factor, using actions/recipe, Bridge, sky overlays, including overlays, foreground/depth, masks, skin editing, bringing an idea to life, levitation, face swaps, etc. We could also discuss business questions, marketing, websites, etc. This would also include a portfolio review! We will be using a screen-share program where you can see my screen and hear my voice to watch me edit and listen as I explain things. This course should be around 4-6 hours one day and then another review day I anticipate will be around an hour. However, I will teach until I have covered everything that I need to.



Also, to be totally transparent so you know exactly what to expect, I do a TON of hand editing, all through the compositing. However, I do use some purchased actions that I have found really compliment the look I am aiming for. I have a specific recipe of a multitude of different action sets from different sources that I have tailored to fit my work. I am TOTALLY for actions and presets because if not, with the amount of editing I do, I would never be able to finish anything! I know that the photography world is somewhat split on this topic so I just wanted to be upfront. If you do book, I will give you a list of the ones I would recommend to purchase that we will be using.


Also, I will be primarily using the applications, Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS5. I have CC as well but some functions that I use often I have found actually work better in CS5. I will be working on an iMac and shooting in Canon. Just wanted to cover all the bases! I look forward to creating some magic with you! 


Investment:  $1000  $900

Book Here


*Additional taxes/fees included in price

Needed: High speed internet connection, computer, (cell) phone, notebook/pen, Photoshop, Bridge, etc.